How Does Scenar Work ?

Scenar Pro Therapy uses interactive ‘Reflex-Biofeedback’ to prompt pain relief outcomes and may be useful for painful injuries, painful musculo-skeletal dysfunction and painful physiological problems of many types. Click to learn more.

Who Is Sue ?

Sue Mison is a Scenar Professional who lives in the small town of Ulladulla, on the beautiful South Coast. Sue's extremely friendly personality, and passion for healing and helping, makes her a go to person for many clients, family, and friends.

Sues Services

First Scenar Treatment - $55
Subsequent Treatment - $40
1 Sauna - $20
3 Saunas - $50
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"I am a 70 year old man suffering from severe osteoarthritis in both knees. X rays show that my left knee has bone on bone and my specialist has recommended replacement of both knees. The pain in both knees was extremely high and little relief was gained from pain killers. I also need wheels support to walk any distance. I can manage to get it out of the car but find it impossible to put it in the car. Assistance is needed in this regard. My podiatrist suggested that i see Sue Mison and try Scenar therapy. On my first visit, so bad was my disability that i needed two people to help me into her house. Sue decided that it would be better to treat me in my own home. After several treatments the severe pain was greatly reduced and we decided to see if i could gain easier access to her house. This proved to be a success. As a result of the treatment i am in less pain, have more mobility, and take fewer pain killing tablets. I expect to have knee replacements in the near future."


"I write this testimonial, so that others are able to become aware of the incredible power of the Scenar machine. I am a 54 year old female, who, on Sunday 11th April, experienced a rather severe bicycle accident, where my face and upper body wore the brunt of my fall. I visited Sue, my Scenar therapist, approximately four and a half hours after the accident had occurred. Sue treated my top lip, right elbow and left hand, all of which were raw from bitumen encounter. On day two my elbow and hand were securely bandaged, Sue was only able to directly treat my facial wounds, and it is this treatment which enabled me to see on a daily basis, continually improve, and continue to heal. In fact my lip wound went from an entire scab to a slight visual scar within 4 days. Truly unbelieveable, as i'm the type if person who without the Scenar treatment, would have taken weeks to heal, regardless of the severity of the wound. I can confidently admit that the Scenar hastened the healing process."


"To whom it may concern, I first visited Sue Mison in January 2010 on the recommendation of a friend. I was suffering from Pneumonia and bronchitis which had not responded to antibiotics. Sue treated me over a 4 week period, and on returning to my doctor for a chest xray, I found my lungs to be completely clear. Sue has also successfully treated my hiatus hernia, relieving me of years of stomach discomfort. I have since purchased an ENAR machine to treat myself and my family. Sue and her wonderful Scenar machine have greatly improved the quality of my health, and my life. Yours Sincerely."

A birthing story .. On the 8th of Feburary, Ross, my Great Grandson, was born. The previous day Annalise, my Granddaughter, was induced at 3pm. I started treating her at 8pm doing the 3 pathways and 6 points on the face. Thanks to Colleen’s advice I also treated the forehead and chin, and the abdomen. Continue.

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